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Welcome to Lloyds Clifford Solicitors

Lloyds Clifford Solicitors is a modern, responsive and approachable firm of solicitors with long standing experience to provide high standard of legal services to our clients. We pride ourselves in ensuring that our clients remain our priority at all times. We listen to our clients’ problems first and then endevour to resolve such problems satisfactorily. We pride ourselves on exceeding our clients’ expectations, investing in our people and achieving the highest standards. We take pride in our hands-on approach, and enjoy consistent feedback from our clients that they value the personal service which is offered by our solicitors.

Our solicitors have excellent communications skills and ability to interpret to our clients’ legal terms and words in simple and practical manner. Our solicitors will always give of their best and will always try just that little bit harder to get the best results for our clients.

However, protecting the interests of our clients is our first priority and where necessary we will take immediate and firm action to safeguard those interests. We do what’s right for our clients. We practice ethically; we’re professional in the way we work, going beyond ‘that’ll do’ to achieving the best. We push what the law can do. We know the law and we’re interested in the way it’s applied; sometimes this means testing it, arguing cases in the highest places.

Our Services

In England and Wales, civil law means non-criminal law. It is a branch of the law. The law relating to civil wrongs and quasi-contracts is part of the civil law. The law of property is embraced by civil law.

Family law is an area of the law that deals with family matters and domestic relations, includes: marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships.

We help all those wishing to enter into the United Kingdom or extend their permission to remain in the United Kingdom, for the purposes of business, employment, as well as to study.

We offer professional but sensitive guidance on creating wills include calculating the IHT, applying for and obtaining the Grant of Probate, preparation of estate accounts and distributing the estate.

The law of evidence encompasses the rules and legal principles that govern the proof of facts in a legal proceeding. The law of evidence is also concerned with the quantum (amount), quality, and type of proof needed to prevail in litigation.

As specialists in Landlord and Tenant Law we act for landlords and tenants in almost equal measure and are therefore able to offer detailed and comprehensive advice on a variety of matters.



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